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Illustration and drawing is the main focus of my practice, these skills aid in creating designs for printmaking or graphic design.


I have a wealth of experience in traditional and commercial printing covering screen printing, monoprinting, relief printing and intaglio printing.

Graphic Design

The graphic design work is created using a mixture of hand drawn and digitally designed assets using Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator.


Thought Patrol

Heli Jump


Smoke Charge

Greece Riots

Ordem E Progresso

Midnight In a Perfect World

Tilbury Docks Wheat Paste

Ordem Progresso 2 Tone

Reptilians Rule

Etching Installation

London Riots

Iran Iraq War

Monster From The ID

Monoprinting & Oil Pastels

Chechnya Mixed Media

Syria Hellscape

Life In The Jungle

Berlin Wall

The Shot

Untitled Mixed Media

Eat The World

Lino Printing Libya Black

Minimal Libya

Minimal Vietnam Dry Point Etching & Illustration

Minimal Vietnam

Information War

Dry Point Etching Latex

Latex Prints

Earth Lino Print/Graphic Design



Illustration On Cardboard



Screen Print - Earth 2 Colour

Earth 2 Colour

3 Colour Screen Print

Space Invader

Graphic Design - The Arms Race

The Arms Race

Monoprinting Negatives

Chechnya War


Lino Printing

Vietnam War

Tilbury Docks

Hard Ground Etching Libya

Libyan Civil War

South Africa Apartheid

Vote Charles Taylor

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