Graphic Design

Reptilians Rule is a graphic design piece which will be part of a series of pin badge designs about conspiracy theories from around the world, the idea is to try and encapsulate the whole story into one design / image. Reptilians Rule was inspired by the age old conspiracy that we are ruled by lizard people, the design shown is a member of the royal family from Great Britain.

A Brief Background About The Reptilian Conspiracy Theory

The reptilian conspiracy theory is a fringe belief that posits the existence of shape-shifting reptilian extraterrestrials, who have covertly infiltrated Earth and control many aspects of human society. This theory has been popularised by British conspiracy theorist David Icke since the 1990s. According to Icke, these reptilian beings, also known as “Reptoids” or “Lizard People,” belong to a race called the “Anunnaki,” which originates from the Alpha Draconis star system.

Icke claims that these reptilian beings have the ability to shape-shift and manipulate human perception. They allegedly interbreed with humans, creating hybrid bloodlines that have maintained power throughout history. Proponents of this theory argue that many influential figures, including political leaders, business magnates, and celebrities, are actually reptilian in nature, working to further the goals of their extraterrestrial overlords.

The reptilian conspiracy theory is often dismissed by mainstream scholars and researchers as unfounded and lacking in empirical evidence. Critics argue that it relies heavily on baseless speculation, fear-mongering, and the tendency to find connections between unrelated events or individuals. Furthermore, the theory has been criticised for promoting anti-Semitic tropes, as some adherents claim that reptilian bloodlines are closely related to specific ethnic or religious groups.

If you have questions or queries about the shown artwork/design, please feel free to contact me.

Date Created

Circa – 2022