About Hickman Design | Printmaking Artist

This site has been set up to help market and display some of the various artworks and designs that I have created over the years. I hope document my pursuit as a printmaking artist and also provide guidance on the variety of methods shown on this site.


My main focus has been studying Fine Art Printmaking and Illustration. The total time I have spent studying is around 6 years. My studies started at college with a general Fine Art course, this showed me the basics of printmaking and lasted for 3 years. After my studies finished I pursued a higher level of education at Norwich University Of The Arts for a further 3 years and graduated in 2015.


During this time of study it has allowed me to acquire various skills and a great understand of traditional printmaking methods. I have covered the following methods of printmaking during my studies and in my practice:

Once I had finished my studies and returned to my hometown I wanted to carry on with my pursuit becoming a printmaking artist. However with no access to any proper studio equipment or area to work my output began to slow down. To solve my problem I converted a garage into a small print studio, purchased a small Nipping Press for lino printing and purchased a 10ft Vacuum Bed for screen printing. This has allowed me to carry on somewhat with my practice as a printmaking artist. Some work that I have created in this home studio is shown on the site, I shall notify you of this in the description of each artwork/design.


The prints and illustrations are not limited to only hand drawn work, I do cross over with some digital designs that I have created. Throughout most of my work the concurrent theme usually covers war and politics in the world, this due my interest in these subjects. With some designs I have tried to move away from the previous mentioned subjects, some with good results and others not so much.


I hope this helps to give a brief understanding of the sites purpose and to about the creator of the site and the artworks contained. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or suggestions for the site or any designs, thanks for stopping by.


Currently I work a fulltime job, but am open to commission and freelance work in my free time, I offer: Illustration & Printmaking as my skill set. If you have viewed any of my artworks/designs and feel that I could help you achieve your ideal design or want a personal artwork created, please feel free to contact me.