About Hickman Design

Welcome to Hickman Design, where I share my passion for printmaking with you. This site will document the process of creating art and help provide insights into how it can be done best using different methods that are suited for every level artist; from beginners all way up through experts!

From lino printing to monoprinting, screen printing and woodblock printing, this website will offer you an overview of all different printing methods that I’ve become acquainted with over the years, having spent 2 and half years working within the commercial printing industry. I’ll provide you with informative tutorials to help you get started with ease.

Fine Art Printmaking & Illustration

My main focus for many years has been my Fine Art Printmaking and Illustration studies which stole most of my attention for around 6 years. I began studying at college, having taken a Fine Art course which gave me the basic background and insight into printmaking. This lasted for 3 years in total. Once I’d finished this particular course, I moved onto higher education at the Norwich University Of The Arts, where I studied for a further 3 years, graduating in 2015.

This 6 years of study has given me an incredible level of expertise as well as some invaluable skills, surrounding printmaking and illustration. I now have a great understanding of traditional printmaking methods, all of which are demonstrated in my works that you’ll find in my online portfolio; created in my very own home studio that I created shortly after completing my studies.

My Own Influences

You may notice some heavy military influence throughout my portfolio, thanks to a childhood growing up in a military based family; a topic that’s very close to my heart and one I hope will give you an insight into not only me but the subject as a whole.