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How to Calculate Out The Amount of Wallpaper Needed?

Are you looking to calculate the amount of wallpaper needed for your home? Or are you creating a design that you want to have on wallpaper? You will need to figure out how much wallpaper you need in square meters (SQM) so that you do not run out.

How Does This Wallpaper Calculator Work?

1. Walls

First you need to input the measurements for each wall that you are wallpapering, enter the height and width. You do not have to fill out all of the section if you are only wallpapering 1 wall.

2. Doors / Windows

The second section you will enter the measurements of any doors and/or windows in the room.

3. Totals

The last section will give you your wallpaper calculations. The first result is the total area of the room in square meters, the second is the total area that your doors and/or windows takes up and the last result is the estimate which is the total SQM of the room minus the total SQM of doors and/or windows as you wont be wallpapering over these. You should always get an extra roll of wallpaper to be on the safe side.

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