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View 10 of the best lino cutting tools on Amazon!

There is a wide selection of lino cutting tools and lino cutting accessories to choose from, which can make it difficult to decide what lino cutting tools you need. The lino cutting tools that have been reviewed, range from the more expensive and high quality lino cutting tools such as Pfeil, all the way down to cheaper beginners tools. No matter what you are looking for, whether it be lino cutting tools for beginners/students looking to save some cash or if you are a seasoned lino cutter, we have something for you! 

You can buy quality lino cutting tools from Jacksons Art by clicking this link or the image below.

Power Grip Wood / Lino Carving Chisels Sets

£55.00 £34.00


Pfeil Lino Cutting Tools

£23.00 – £125.00


UJ Ramelson Lino/Wood Cutting Tools

£60.00 £52.50


RGM Lino Cutting Tools

£16.00  £14.00


Essdee Lino 10 Cutters and Handle Set

£9.00 £7.00 (Cheaper Than Amazon!)


3 in 1 Lino cutter & Baren kit

£7.25 £6.83


Compare Lino Cutting Tools

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What are we looking for in lino cutting tools?

Lino Cutting Tool Style

There are a range of different styles for lino cutting tools such as the following:

  • Palm lino cutting tools such as Pfeil
  • Japanese lino cutting tools such as Power Grip
  • Adjustable/Replaceable lino cutters such Essdee Lino Cutting Tools

Depending on the budget that you have for your tools will determine the quality of the cutting tools and also the comfort they provide when using the lino cutting tools. Some people prefer to use the Palm lino cutting tools as they sit nicely in your hand and provide great control when cutting, whereas others may prefer the Japanese lino cutting tools as they can be held more like a pencil when cutting.

Lino Cutting Tool Blades

When lino printing the main part of the lino cutting tool is the blade, most tools will come with a wide variety of cutting shapes and sizes to give different effects on your lino print. Also depending on the style of your lino cutting tools you may have fixed blades or replaceable blades.

If you want a high quality tool they will most likely come with a fixed blade in the handle, whereas cheaper tools will have the replaceable blades. Most people start out with the Esdeee lino cutting tools as you can have a variety of lino cutting heads which can be swapped out simply by unscrewing the head of the lino cutter and changing the blade over.

“The most common lino tools are V Tools and U Tools. 

U Tools carve softer lines with a curved end point and an even width but it can be harder to get control over the placement of your edges.

V Tools can give a variety of line widths with the same tool, are good for accurate edges and corners. Lines cut with V tools will have sharp pointed ends. 

Carving lino is not limited to carving lines around a drawing. A wide variety of marks can be achieved, creating interesting designs when printed that are characteristic of the lino cutting process.”

Source – Handprinted Using Different Tools To Make Marks On Lino

What tool is used to cut lino?

To cut lino, a specific tool called a lino cutter is typically used. Lino cutters come in a variety of shapes and sizes, each designed for different effects and levels of detail in your artwork. The blades are sharp and can carve into the lino surface, allowing artists to create intricate designs. These tools often have interchangeable blades, ranging from fine tips for detailed work to wider blades for clearing larger areas.

What do you cut lino with?

Besides the traditional lino cutter, other sharp instruments can also be used to cut lino, depending on the artist’s preference and the texture desired. Scalpels, craft knives, and even some sturdy scissors can be employed for cutting around the edges of the lino block or for executing straightforward designs.

Can I use wood carving tools on lino?

Yes, wood carving tools can be used on lino. In fact, many artists find that wood carving tools offer a wider range of blade shapes and sizes, which can be beneficial for more ambitious or larger scale projects. Wood carving tools are typically made of high-quality steel, making them durable and capable of achieving clean cuts in the lino.

How deep do you need to cut lino?

The depth to which you need to cut into the lino can vary depending on the type of print you’re aiming to achieve. Generally, a shallow cut of a few millimeters is sufficient for most prints. The idea is to carve away the parts of the lino that you do not want to receive ink. When ink is applied to the lino block, it will only coat the surface areas that haven’t been cut away. Deep cuts can be made for bold effects but are not usually necessary unless you’re looking to create a specific visual effect or texture.

Can you cut lino with a Stanley knife?

A Stanley knife, or utility knife, can be used to cut lino, especially for straight lines or removing large areas of the block. It’s a versatile tool that many artists might already have at hand. However, care must be taken when using a Stanley knife due to its sharpness and the force required to cut through lino, which can increase the risk of slipping and potential injury. It’s also worth noting that for intricate designs or fine details, a dedicated lino cutter or wood carving tool might be more appropriate and offer better control.

Lino Cutter Accessories

Lino cutters are the perfect tool for cutting your lino when printing. They can be used with any type of linoleum and will give you clean, straight cuts every time. You’ll never have to worry about messy edges or jagged lines again when you choose the right lino cutter.

There are a variety of different tools that you can choose the one that best fits your needs. Whether it’s a small cutter for intricate designs or a large cutter for larger prints, we have reviewed what you need at an affordable price! We have a list of lino cutter accessories that can make your life easier when cutting lino or make handy tools when lino printing.

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