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We reviewed some of the best printmaking barens online!

What Is A Printing Baren?

Printmaking barens are a vital part of the traditional printmaking process. The traditional printing baren is a circular disk made of bamboo and is used to manually push ink onto paper from an inked woodblock. It produces superior results compared to a roller, with finer details and smoother coverage. Printmakers often customise their own barens, adjusting the shape and weight for a personally tailored experience. Printmaking barens require no powered tools, just arm strength and finesse!

Printing barens are used for printing lino or woodblock prints, they originate from Japan and have become used across the world as cheap alternative to a printing press. There are a variety of printing barens online which make it hard to choose the best baren for you, we have filtered through these and presented them to you on an easy to read table below.

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