Speedball Fabric Screen Printing Ink


  • Flexible Sizes: Available in 8 oz (236 ml) and 32 oz (946 ml) for diverse project demands.
  • Vibrant Colours: Rich, vibrant hues with superior coverage and soft finish.
  • Eco-Friendly: Water-soluble, ACMI AP Non-Toxic, ensuring safety for all ages.
  • Premixed Inks: Ready-to-use formula, eliminating the need for binders or mediums.
  • Creative Effects & Wide Colour Range: Includes fluorescent and phosphorescent inks, offering an extensive, intermixable palette for customisation.
H GreggH Gregg
12:11 08 Apr 24
Excellent service - prompt dispatch and delivery. Goods arrived well packed in eco-friendly packaging. Rapid response to contact, highly recommended.
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10:46 22 Nov 23
great products with good pricing and excellent customer service
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I've been wanting to have a go at screen printing for a while and this little starter kit was perfect. Good price and quick delivery - thank you.
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07:33 14 Sep 23
Bought some lino printing bits from here. Perfectly packaged, arrived undamaged, prompt and actually helped with some advice on some new techniques. The more specialist tools really made a difference to my work.
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Loved my lino printing kit, good quality quick delivery
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14:01 13 Sep 23
Amazing lino printing ink ! Great customer service !
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A great selection of products, quick delivery and high quality. Ordered some lino cutting blades and a set of watercolour paints. Will definitely be ordering again.
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Awesome work, highly recommend!


Revitalised Speedball Fabric Screen Printing Ink Overview

Discover the unparalleled excellence of Speedball Fabric Screen Printing Inks, a product line with a legacy spanning over five decades. Renowned for their superior quality, these inks bring your fabric creations to life with vibrant colours, outstanding coverage, and an unmatched ease of use. Explore the versatility and eco-friendly aspects of Speedball inks, designed to elevate your screen printing projects.

Product Sizes

Speedball Fabric Screen Printing Inks are available in two convenient sizes to suit your project needs:

  • 8 oz / 236 ml
  • 32 oz / 946 ml

This range ensures flexibility for both small and large-scale projects, catering to various printing demands.

Key Features

Enhanced Colour and Quality

Speedball’s commitment to quality is evident in the rich, vibrant colours and the smooth, easy workability of their inks. These features contribute to a superior printing experience, yielding results that are both visually stunning and durable. The inks are formulated to ensure:

  • Richer Colours: Each pigment is vibrant and full-bodied, offering greater depth and intensity.
  • Greater Coverage: Achieve full, even coverage with less ink, making your supplies last longer.
  • Smoother Workability: The inks glide effortlessly across screens, ensuring a seamless printing process.
  • Softer Hand: Printed fabrics retain a soft, comfortable feel, enhancing the wearability of your creations.
  • Easier Water Clean-Up: Simplify your post-printing clean-up with water-soluble inks, reducing environmental impact.

Long-Lasting Wear

Designed to endure as long as the fabric itself, Speedball inks are resilient against wear and tear, ensuring your designs remain vibrant and intact through numerous washes.

Safety Certified

The inks proudly carry the ACMI AP Non-Toxic certification, ensuring they are safe for use in educational environments and by artists of all ages.

Speciality Inks

Fluorescent Ink

Create eye-catching designs that stand out under ultraviolet (UV) light. These inks:

  • Glow under UV light and black light, creating vibrant, neon-like effects.
  • Offer extra-bright colour contrasts, perfect for making a statement.

Phosphorescent Fabric Inks

Bring your designs to life in the dark with Night-Glo Phosphorescent colours. These inks:

  • Are available in four glowing colours in 8 oz sealed jars.
  • Glow in the dark, adding a unique dimension to your creations.

Colour Range and Compatibility

Speedball offers an extensive palette of premixed inks that require no additional binders or mediums. The range includes:

  • Classic Colours: Black, White, Red, and more.
  • Process Colours: Yellow, Magenta, Cyan.
  • Vibrant Fluorescents: Magenta, Orange, Lime Green, Hot Pink.
  • Glowing Phosphorescents: Night-Glo Blue, Yellow, Green, Original.

All colours are fully intermixable, allowing for endless creativity and customisation.

Durability and Finish

Once iron fixed and washed, these inks exhibit:

  • Soft Handle: Maintaining the fabric’s natural feel.
  • Good Light Resistance: Ensuring longevity and vibrance of your prints.

Can You Use Speedball Screen Printing Ink on Fabric?

Yes, you can use Speedball screen printing ink on fabric. Speedball is well-known for producing a range of inks suitable for different materials, including fabrics. Specifically, Speedball’s Fabric Screen Printing Ink is formulated to bond well with fabric, making it an ideal choice for screen printing projects on textiles. This ink is designed to offer vibrant colours that remain bright after washing, making it perfect for customising t-shirts, tote bags, and other fabric items. It’s important to choose the correct type of Speedball ink intended for fabric to ensure the best results, as they also produce inks suitable for paper and other materials.

How Long Does It Take for Speedball Fabric Screen Printing Ink to Dry?

The drying time for Speedball fabric screen printing ink can vary based on several factors, including the thickness of the ink application, the fabric type, and the environmental conditions such as humidity and temperature. Generally, Speedball fabric ink will dry to the touch within a few hours under normal room conditions. However, for the ink to fully cure and achieve maximum durability, it is recommended to allow it to dry for a full 24 hours before handling the printed fabric extensively or proceeding with any further processing, like heat setting.

Do You Heat Set Speedball Fabric Ink?

Yes, heat setting Speedball fabric ink is a crucial step if you want to ensure the print’s durability, especially if the fabric will be washed. Heat setting is the process of using heat to bond the ink permanently to the fabric fibres. For Speedball fabric screen printing ink, once the ink is dry (which usually takes about 24 hours), you should heat set it using an iron. Here’s how you do it:

  1. Prepare the Fabric: Make sure the ink is completely dry. Place a piece of parchment paper or a thin cotton cloth over the printed area to protect the ink and the iron.
  2. Iron Setting: Set your iron to a setting suitable for the fabric you’ve printed on, but generally, a medium to high setting works for most fabrics. Do not use steam.
  3. Iron the Print: Iron over the protective layer, applying firm pressure for about 3 to 5 minutes. Move the iron around to evenly heat-set the entire printed area.
  4. Cool Down: Let the fabric cool down before handling further.

Heat setting makes the ink wash-resistant, ensuring that your designs stay vibrant and intact through multiple washes. Skipping this step might result in the ink washing out or fading significantly.

In summary, Speedball screen printing inks are perfectly suited for fabric projects, drying relatively quickly but requiring a full day to cure fully. Heat setting the ink after it dries ensures that your designs are durable and long-lasting, especially if the fabric will be washed.


Speedball Fabric Screen Printing Inks represent the pinnacle of quality and innovation in fabric screen printing. With a legacy of excellence, an expansive colour range, and eco-friendly features, these inks are the ideal choice for artists and professionals seeking to elevate their screen printing projects. Experience the difference with Speedball – where creativity meets quality.

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