Japanese Rubber Roller Brayer : 60 Shore


  • 60 Shore Natural Rubber: Offers medium hardness for balanced ink application.
  • Ergonomic Wooden Handle: Designed for comfort and includes a screw-eye for hanging.
  • Variety of Sizes: Available in 100mm, 130mm, 164mm and 240mm to suit different artistic needs.
  • Easy to Clean: Designed to be dismantled for thorough maintenance.
  • Widely Popular: Renowned globally for versatility in printmaking like lino printing and etching.
  • Check out our guide on inking lino blocks with a brayer.
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Japanese Rubber Roller/Brayer – 60 Shore

Delve into the world of precision and quality with our Japanese Rubber Roller/Brayer, a testament to the fusion of durability and craftsmanship. Available in three distinct sizes:

  • 100mm
  • 130mm
  • 164mm
  • 240mm

These rollers cater to a range of artistic requirements, ensuring that every stroke and application is a step towards perfection.

Crafted in Japan, a country renowned for its attention to detail and quality, these rollers are built to last. Each roller boasts a robust and resilient construction, a nod to the meticulous Japanese manufacturing process. The 60 shore natural rubber coating imparts a medium hardness to these rollers, striking a perfect balance between firmness and flexibility. This thoughtful design aspect translates into an enhanced ink pick-up and distribution capability, thanks to the generous 48mm diameter. The wider diameter not only ensures a more efficient ink application but also contributes to the roller’s longevity.

The ergonomic design of the wooden handle sets these rollers apart. Designed with comfort in mind, the handle offers a firm and steady grip, reducing hand fatigue during extended use. Additionally, the handle features a provision for inserting a screw-eye that allows for convenient hanging storage, ensuring that your workspace remains organised and your tools are always within reach.

Further enhancing the practicality of these rollers, the roller and frame are designed to be easily dismantled. This feature is crucial for thorough cleaning, ensuring that your roller remains in pristine condition and extends its lifespan. The ease of disassembly and reassembly is a nod to the user-friendly design ethos that these rollers embody.

Our Japanese Rubber Rollers are not just tools; they are a popular choice across the globe, revered for their versatility and reliability. They are equally adept at handling fine detail wood engraving as they are at applying etching grounds. Their robustness and well-crafted design make them a reliable companion for both professional artists and hobbyists alike.

To ensure the longevity of these rollers, a few care tips are essential:

  1. Regular Maintenance: Prevent ink from drying on the roller’s surface to maintain its smoothness and efficiency.
  2. Post-Use Care: After cleaning, a light dusting with talc is recommended to prevent the surface from becoming sticky.
  3. Solvent Use: If you use solvent to clean the roller, ensure it is thoroughly washed off with a mild detergent and water. This is followed by drying and dusting with talc.
  4. Proper Storage: Store the roller in a way that the rubber surface is not resting against any surface, to avoid any deformations.

In summary, these Japanese Rubber Rollers/Brayers, with their 60 shore hardness, are not just tools but an investment in quality and durability. Whether you are an experienced artist or embarking on your artistic journey, these rollers are designed to enhance your creative process, ensuring precision, comfort, and longevity.

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100mm Brayer, 130mm Brayer, 164mm Brayer, 240mm Brayer