We reviewed some of the best printmaking rollers and brayers to help you decide what is best for your setup!

There are a variety of printmaking rollers (known as brayers) to choose from, each with their own qualities and benefits. We have reviewed a variety of printmaking brayers which can be filtered by the user level and toughness of the roller.

Compare Lino Printing Rollers

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What are we looking for in lino printing rollers?

We look for 1 key element in printmaking rollers which is the toughness of the roller, some rollers are designed to be softer and others which are harder. The hardness of a printmaking roller is also known as the shore value which is a numbered value, for example you may see a roller which has 70 Shore in the name. The higher the shore value of a roller, the harder the roller will be.

The benefit of using a soft printmaking roller (25-30 Shore) over a hard roller, is the detail that can be inked as soft rollers can cover small details easily. The other benefit is that you need to apply less pressure when rolling your ink out, which can be quite tiresome after 20 prints!

Hard rollers do have their benefits for other printmaking methods such as etching, the hardness of the brayer allows ink to easily be pressed into the grooves of the etched plates easily.

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