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My main practice as a printmaking artist is currently working from home and creating limited edition prints. The methods I use include many different printmaking techniques including screen printing, lino printing and monoprinting.


What is Lino Printing?


Lino printing is a type of fine art printmaking in which the printing plate is carved/cut into the surface of a block of lino. Lino printing has been popular for many years, and many people remember it from their schooldays. However, it is a versatile material and technique that can be used to create evocative and haunting prints.


Why Choose Lino Printing?


There are many reasons to choose lino printing to create designs and artworks, but the main reason is that it can be easily replicated at home. With just a block of lino, ink, roller and a wooden spoon you can create any design you want and at little cost.

Lino Printing Press - Nipping Press
Lino Printing Press - Nipping Press
  • Wood Block Printing - Sphere
    In Wood Block Printing
  • Lino Printing - Vietnam War
    In Lino Printing
    Vietnam War
  • Lino Printing - Tilbury Docks
    In Lino Printing
    Tilbury Docks

Lino Printing From Home


Being a lino printing artist is extremely rewarding and I am passionate about the entire lino printing process. I produce my work from home and in my own studio which allows me the creative freedom to express myself and to draw what I want.


Lino Printing Press


I am lucky enough to own a small nipping press/bookbinding press and have used it to create a variety lino prints that are on this site.


Lino Printing Guide


If you would like to try your hand at lino printing from home, why not have a look at my guide which offers insights into the process? The step by step lino printing guide is a great way for beginners to learn more about the entire lino printing process. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or queries.

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