Original Photo by Philip Jones Griffiths—Magnum Photos

Vietnam War Captured in Lino Prints

Presented here are two meticulously hand-carved lino prints, capturing poignant moments from the Vietnam War. For these creations, I’ve utilised lino backed with scrim – its robust nature enabling a superior level of detailing. The prints emerged using a black oil-based ink, pressed onto 330gsm brown paper with the assistance of a nipping press.

Lino printing as a technique greatly influenced the stylistic approach of these pieces. Its nature allows for a riveting play between positive and negative spaces, leading to the evocative final prints. Fortunately, the plate remains in excellent condition, ready to craft additional prints should the occasion arise.

Diving Deep into the Lino Prints’ Inspiration:

The inaugural lino print draws its essence from a photograph of uncertain provenance. In due course, I’ll endeavour to furnish this description with a relevant link. This image paints a serene scene – a soldier offering a cigarette to a local villager, a gesture echoing the oft-overlooked mundane moments amidst the cacophony of war.

The subsequent lino print has its roots in the lens of renowned photographer Henri Huet, capturing a moment during the Vietnam War. My attraction to this particular image was its inherent composition and aesthetics, given the underlying sombre context. Marrying this imagery with lino printing has culminated in an artwork that truly resonates.

Questions About Lino Printing?

Would you like to learn how to lino print? Read about the lino printing process. If you have questions or queries about the shown artwork/design, please feel free to contact me.

Date Printed

Circa – November 2012

Copies Printed

10 – Remaining 5 Of Each