Close up of most recent copy printed with details.

Most recent copy printed with details.

Inked lino plate with hatching shading started on the head.

First cuts to the lino, I cut too much to start with sadly.

Using biro to pen in the line work to help define the cutting lines/areas.

First rough sketching onto the lino, the grid is used to help with scaling the image.

Original concept/drawing.

Early concept drawing.

Early sketches and design.

Image Source: Reddit

Monster From The ID

Monsters From The ID” is an evocative design in progress, aiming to depict the intricacies of PTSD. The finished artwork will feature a soldier with blood surrounding his feet, and ghostly hands reaching out towards him. These haunting images represent the unseen horrors that linger in his mind, visible only to him.

The title is inspired by the iconic sci-fi classic, “Forbidden Planet“. In the film, the “Monster from the Id” symbolises the physical manifestation of Dr. Morbius’ suppressed desires and emotions. This creature, an unintended byproduct of advanced alien technology, emerges from the human subconscious, taking form and wreaking havoc. By drawing parallels, the artwork delves deep into the internal struggles faced by PTSD sufferers, where buried traumas and suppressed emotions resurface, often with devastating impact.

If you have questions or queries about the shown artwork/design, please feel free to contact me.

Date Printed

Circa – August 2019

Copies Printed