Full 4 colour screen print.

Colour layers of the screen print, I did not add a bleed onto the colour layers when in the design stage so had white showing through when apply the last black layer (key). I had to use screen stencil stripper and a paint brush to give a small amount of bleed, so the black layer (key) covered the colour layers and left no white spaces on the final screen print.

Screen printed onto the tape used to block out the screen when printing.

Screen Printing - The Berlin Wall: Rise and Fall

This experimental design chronicles the dynamic history of the Berlin Wall. Screen printed, the final artwork is presented in the accompanying images, rendered in four distinct colours over dimensions of 840mm x 250mm.

The colour palette symbolically represents key players:

  • Blue for Western and NATO countries.
  • Brown for Nazi Germany.
  • Red for the Soviet Union.

Sequential dates in the design depict the wall’s evolving stages. From the freedom of unhindered movement between East and West Berlin to the establishment of intimidating barriers and towers, the narrative unfolds.

Despite the design’s grand scale posing challenges during screen printing, especially with colour registration, the final result encapsulates the wall’s storied history. I’m currently revisiting the design to infuse more depth and imagery.

If you have questions or queries about the shown artwork/design, please feel free to contact me.

Date Printed

Circa – February 2015

Copies Printed

1 Remaining