Final graphic design used for screen print.

Screen Printing Ordem E Progresso With Black Layer Screen Printing Ordem E Progresso No Black Layer

Final 8 colour screen print compared with the screen print with no final black layer (key) Personally I like the design without the black layer.

Final 8 colour screen print with registration marks.

Screen print without final layer.

Screen print black (key) layer without colour.

Second sketch/concept with fine ink pens.

Original sketch/concept edited in photoshop with colour.

Original sketch/concept.

Graphic Design & Screen Printing - Ordem E Progresso: An Evolutionary Design Journey

The presented design, evolving through myriad methods over an extended period, encapsulates a blend of hand-drawn authenticity and digital precision. Its genesis lies in original sketches on brown craft paper, gradually transitioning to the sophisticated digital version created in Adobe Illustrator.

Illustration Meets Graphic Design

“Ordem E Progresso” has been iteratively reimagined. The showcase includes both its inception – sketches on craft paper – and its evolution, with even a screen-printed rendition. As the design continues to mature, more details and layers will be integrated to deepen its narrative.

This journey from sketch to screen speaks of the design’s organic growth over time. While it’s rooted in third-hand knowledge of Brazil, the intent isn’t to pigeonhole perceptions but to enlighten based on understanding.

After immersing myself in articles leading up to the 2014 Brazil World Cup, the complexities of Rio’s favelas, particularly the intricate tapestry of gangs and drugs, stood out. This design’s next iteration aims to weave in reflections on the Olympics’ impact on these dynamics.

The title, borrowed from Brazil’s flag, means “Order and Progress”. By incorporating the flag’s colours, the design subtly gestures towards its Brazilian inspiration. A nod to the influential style of artist Swoon is evident, further enriching the artwork’s visual language.

If you have questions or queries about the shown artwork/design, please feel free to contact me.

Date Printed

Circa – January 2018

Copies Printed

25 – 5 Good due to registration issues