Steel Plate Etchings: Capturing Moments of Libyan Conflict

Presented here are a collection of hard ground etchings, meticulously crafted on steel plates. My primary tool was a finely sharpened nail, enabling intricate drawings on the ground of the steel plates. The unique texture of steel plates offers these prints a distinct grey hue, a characteristic derived from the plate’s naturally rough surface.

The images encapsulated in these prints are rooted in various newspaper excerpts from the tumultuous period of the Libyan civil war in 2011. Regrettably, I retain just a single copy of each etching, with others having been lost over the years. Although the original plates remain in my possession, they bear the inevitable marks of time with a hint of rust.

If you have questions or queries about the shown artwork/design, please feel free to contact me.

Date Printed

Circa – February 2010

Copies Printed

10 – 1 Remaining Of Each