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Canvas prints create an aesthetic appeal in our living space. We can use them to improve the décor in any space, from the living room and bedroom to the bathroom and kitchen. Besides this, these artistic pieces help show off our creative side and portray a contemporary feel.

They are practical to install in your home and easy to clean. Within minutes we can order our favourite prints and give our home a modish transformation. But you also may want to consider some design strategies that can help take your home decor to the next level.

Canvas Prints Styles

Canvas prints are available in various styles and types. Here are the most common ones:

Single canvas – a single masterpiece that can be modified in various sizes.
Split canvas – splits one photo into multiple panels.
Photo collage one canvas representing multiple photos

Furthermore, there are two broad categories available in canvas prints:

Stretched canvas

This type of canvas comes on a wooden frame. People often prefer buying stretched canvas for home décor because of convenience. All you need is to hang it on the wall with the help of nails.

Un-stretched canvas

Unlike stretched canvas, it comes without a frame. You will receive a roll of it, and then it’s up to you how you use it.

Now, let us dive deep and discover some fantastic tips for using them to showcase art in our residence:

1. Create a Feel of Family Bonding through Black & White Portraits

Photography, a visual art form, can create a dramatic feel in your room. After a tedious work day, the dining room gathers all family members together for food. Therefore, this place is ideal for displaying some family portraits in black and white.

Having a splash back to childhood, family picnics, and other memories will make you feel great. Such photos will help you share memorable stories, thus enhancing the family bond.

The wall beside the dining table is ideal for this display. However, make sure to hang the pictures above the height of the chairs. Create a collage and put several unforgettable images on the same wall.

Also, try to keep minimal distance among the photos. Scattered images with a lot of distance will make it difficult to view every print.

2. Display a Nature-Inspired Theme

Another way to bring a classy touch to your room’s décor is by displaying nature. And canvas prints can do the job perfectly.

Be it a morning mist or the shades of evening, sunlight’s shine, or the droplets of rainfall, canvas prints can unveil everything.

Try to place such mesmerising prints on a plain white wall. If a canvas presenting nature is in the centre of the wall, you can place wooden shelves on the sides. Fill these shelves with indoor plants, artificial waterfalls, seashells, or small sea rocks to complete the look.

The green theme concept can also help you to provide a feel of a spa in your bathroom. Or use these beautiful hues of nature to transform a living room.

A room representing landscapes and greenery will likely alleviate stress, anxiety, and other mental health issues.

3. Create Hollow Spaces in the Wall

You must have gone to museums and art galleries. Look how they display artwork. Most of them have built-in spaces for each art piece.

Make your home stand out by adopting the same concept. Invest some amount in your home modification. Ask a builder to create hollow spaces of equal sizes in a single wall.

Place a suitable light inside each section, different from the main light in the room. The contrasting light will make the hollow spaces look distinctive and striking.

Walkways, living rooms, and drawing rooms are the right places to use hollow spaces. But, make sure not to put anything else on the same wall. Usually, three canvas prints inside the hollow spaces of equal length look decent on one wall.

4. Use the Stairway Wall

Utilise the stairway wall to display your love for art. The wall, which is opposite the stairs, will otherwise look boring.

Apart from it, staircase walls are sometimes dark, especially in homes where exposure to sunlight is minimal. You can add a spark by brightening up the space with some colourful prints.

However, choosing the correct placement is essential. You can place multiple canvas prints in the centre of the wall. Create a grid or randomly put photos of different sizes.

Alternatively, increasing the height of each canvas print as per the height of every stair also looks excellent. In both cases, mark the positions with a painter’s tape.

It will help you adjust the spot, in case it looks odd. Once you are satisfied, hit nails and hang the canvas pieces.

5. Fill Up Spaces in your Bookshelves

A canvas print is not just for your walls. Bookshelves can also be an ideal place for this beautiful artwork.

Place some single canvas frames on your shelf. But avoid split or collage canvases. Since these types of canvas prints require more space, you can’t put them on a shelf having small sections.

However, if the sections are spacious, putting multiple split canvas panels can be possible. Make sure to put all panels of the spit canvas in a single section with some distance between each piece. You can put them directly or purchase a tabletop stand to support the frame.

6. Utilise the Long and Narrow Walls

Unfortunately, many of our house’s long and narrow walls go unnoticed. But designers are smart enough to use them for canvas prints.

When discussing a photo collage, a broad and spacious wall comes to mind. How about putting a collage on a vertical wall?

This long but narrow wall is usually present in between two rooms. You can hang canvas prints here in a perpendicular style.

But make sure to use the same method described to hang canvas prints. Marking points with the tape and finalising the spot is the right tactic. Additionally, keep equal distance among each frame and choose some contrasting colours to enhance the visual appeal.

Wrapping It Up

Overall, art reflects our personality, rejoices the mood, and makes our home a better place to live. Thankfully, canvas prints give us the ease of displaying artwork at home.

We can recall memories through black and white portraits, add a touch of nature, and create vertical grids through canvas prints. Or, using the space in bookshelves and creating hollow sections in the wall is also a beautiful idea.

Moreover, the stairway wall also opens up an opportunity to add to the décor of our homes. Use all or a few ideas to bring a stylish transformation to your home.

Luke Hickman is a printmaker and artist with over 15 years of experience. He studied at Norwich University, graduating with a BA (Hons) Fine Art, and has worked in both the commercial printing and digital marketing industries for over 7 years. Luke's work revolves around the idea of creating art that can illustrate a story with topics covering war, politics and history.

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