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It is different from choosing artwork for your bedroom than for your office. Choosing pieces that fit the space’s dimensions, colors, and aesthetic is important. You can get the best art for your house from Draint online art sales. Here’s how you can choose the right art for any room in your home, from the kitchen to the bathroom.


The bedroom should be a space where you can unwind and relax. Choose a soothing abstract painting or a tranquil landscape photo from Draint online art sales. Do not crowd the walls with many smaller pieces of art.

Living Room

There are many ways to arrange art, but the living room is the most difficult to decorate. It doesn’t have to be difficult if you follow the right advice.

Wall art can include wall art in many forms, including paintings, tapestries, and canvas prints. It also includes digital art, photography, posters, and wood prints. You don’t have to limit yourself to one medium.


The artwork should be kept small so it doesn’t clash with other design elements such as backsplashes, tiles, and overhead lighting. The kitchen can be used as a gathering space. You are welcome to purchase bright, funny, or quirky art, such as quotes or comics.

Guest Room

This artwork should be in a single large piece. The artwork must appeal to all guests, so don’t pick anything too eccentric. It’s a great idea to use travel landscape photos to play the visitor theme from Draint online art sales.

Children’s Room

Think whimsical and not childish when hanging artwork in your baby’s room. It would be best to choose photographs and paintings based on their interests, such as animals, science, or sports. However, you shouldn’t pick something too cartoonish that they will grow out of.


A bathroom is a place you will use daily, so artwork should not be overlooked. Pairs of artwork look great in the bathroom. Choose two similar prints to hang above the towel hooks or toilet. The best pieces are small or medium-sized and should match the bathroom’s size.

Living Room

You can choose to have a large statement piece in your living room or a gallery wall. You should consider the size of the room before you choose a large statement piece or gallery wall. The artwork shouldn’t overwhelm the space. Flags, horns, and rugs are all options.

Dining room

Like the living room, the dining room wall decor is also quite similar to the living room. The placements and styles of wall decor can be quite diverse. If you are interested in matching your dining area’s decor with the artwork, it is always good to do so. This is completely dependent on your dining area’s size. The best option for you would be to display 3 to 5 pieces of artwork.


There are also other spaces, such as the bathroom and kitchen. These private spaces can be painted with any painting that matches the atmosphere and area. You can purchase wall art from Draint online art sales to display your collection.

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Luke Hickman is a printmaker and artist with over 15 years of experience. He studied at Norwich University, graduating with a BA (Hons) Fine Art, and has worked in both the commercial printing and digital marketing industries for over 7 years. Luke's work revolves around the idea of creating art that can illustrate a story with topics covering war, politics and history.

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