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Some people would errantly consider printmaking to be a sparsely populated niche interest. Isn’t the idea of creating prints a notion better fit for some medieval age? We’d encourage such ne’er-do-wells to shake off the negativity and peruse a good number of our 50 stand-out blogs here. Each represents an artist or group of creatives who have specialized and devoted their careers to the art form of printmaking.

You’ll be surprised to learn how contemporary and fresh printmaking has become for the art scene of the new millenium. And moreover, you’ll understand that the printmaking is a major artistic movement worth paying attention to.

Table of Contents

Top Five

  • Linocut Boy: Nick Morley (Linocut Boy) is an artist and illustrator based in Margate, UK. His prints have been exhibited worldwide and have been featured on the BBC and in The Guardian and Telegraph.
  • Prints for Japan: In early 2011, Japan suffered mightily from one of the worst natural disasters in recent memory. Relief efforts and generous philanthropic and charitable resources were donated to kick-start the country’s recovery. The printmaking community has decided to lend much-needed artistic consolation and assistance in this timely and important blog page. The world’s best and freshest artists have contributed samples of their signature prints.
    • Why We Love It: Help support Japan by visiting this blog, which shows off some amazing prints.
    • Favorite Post: Inner City
  • Boarding All Rows: Rich Fowler, aka Boarding All Rows, is an El Cerrito, California based printmaker and linocut artist.
    • Why We Love It: The variety of different artworks are truly inspiring.
    • Favorite Post: Gathered
  • Tradigital Printmaking: Back in the day, printmaking artists had to work solely with what was available; oftentimes, that meant wood, wool, ink, and paint exclusively. As society has progressed through the realm of technology, contemporary artists have taken advantage of the boom of digital resources to embellish their work. This blog highlights the finest of those artists who’ve chosen to utilize such trendy techniques as silkscreen, collagraph, and lino cut.
    • Why We Love It: This blog chronicles printmaking’s progression into the 2010s with a sleek feel.
    • Favorite Post: Marcus Rees Roberts
  • Printsy: Etsy, an artist-friendly website, has done much to change and improve the relationship between creative types and those who’d like to purchase their work. Printsy loves on the printmakers of Etsy and showcases some exceptional, rich material. Expectedly, visitors here can feast their eyes on gorgeous work that they can easily look to buy on Etsy. But Printsy expands on its economical roots by providing insightful interviews with the weavers themselves.
    • Why We Love It: Printsy puts readers up close and personal with great prints and the stories behind them.
    • Favorite Post: Interview with Ulla

The Rest of the Best

  • 1000 Woodcuts: Blogger Maria has a special place in her heart for woodcut printmaking. Chisel away at this blog’s posts and glean a ton of woodsy insight here.
  • PRINTERESTING: Printmaking is unfortunately sometimes seen as one-note. See one print, and you have seen them all, some tend to believe. Printeresting helps to obliterate notions of monotony in this artistic field.
  • 22:BLOG: This blog shows examples of printmaking composed with some international inspiration. Every posts highlights an artist you ought to know well.
  • A Printmakers Blog: Both printmaking old hats and complete newbies should gravitate to this page. You’ll learn and appreciate every facet of the design process here.
  • ACE Backstage: This blog spotlights several talented craftsmen who are serving as Artists in Residence. Learn what can happen when an artist has plentiful time at her disposal here.
  • Artist Printmaker: This printmaker, based out of Scotland, has an obvious gift for stunning designs and execution. Students and those who’d like to learn more should bookmark this.
  • Artshow: Printmaking: You can frequently marvel at some vivid print without understanding how it was designed. Visit this page to shore up your understanding of how the magic happens.
  • Belinda Del Pesco: Belinda dabbles in both printmaking and watercolor. That she participates in two mediums only improves her expertise in either of them.
  • Blind Pony Books: This printmaker has somehow captured the beauty of old-school designs and made them afresh. Those who appreciate vintage-chic artwork will drool here.
  • Bound Staff Press: Printmaker, teacher, and family man Justin blogs about his life’s chronicles here. Above all, visit for the really impressive artwork on offer.
  • Brush and Baren: This Colorado-based printmaker gives her insights on creating amid the Rockies here. As you might guess, she has a special penchant of using nature in her work.
  • Burnishings: Zoom to this blog to feast your eyes on some sumptuous prints. Based out of Canada, this artist has easily earned a loyal international readership.
  • Colin Beaumont: Track the latest exploits and genius creations of a wunderkind printmaker here. Collographs and new etching print styles are recent topics.
  • Contraprova: The Portuguese have long exhibited an affection for the art of printmaking. This blog, composed in the country’s tongue, shows off the absolute best of the scene there.
  • Deviant Art: Printmaking: This website attracts some of the best artists in the game to show off their latest styles. Benefit from the colorful competition here.
  • Elisabeth Omdahl: Many blogs will either show great artwork and nix the insightful commentary, or vice versa. Soak up both on this talented artist’s site.
  • Estampe: Printmaking is as big in Belgium as Britney Spears is as famous, well, everywhere. Comprehend the country’s fascination with the art form here, written in French.
  • F.D.P.W.: Get a glance into how a local printmaking community works well on this page. Those in the area can also get in on workshops on the elements of the art form.
  • La Estampa: Don’t fear the Spanish prose that elbows the gorgeous prints you’ll find here. Translate the page, and take in the beauty of the printmakers’ creations.
  • Liverpool Printmakers: Liverpool, England, continues to exude fame for sheltering the young quartet known as the Beatles. The city is still groovy thanks to these artists’ impressive output.
  • my story: Anyone who yearns for printmaking with a super-modern, trendy, almost avant feel will enjoy this page. Jo chronicles her fun travels while showcasing her art.
  • Nontoxic Print: There’s been growing pressure in the printmaking community to work only with products that won’t cause harm. Learn more about this important trend here.
  • Periodic Table Printmaking Project: This blog is one heck of an fantastic experiment. The best printmakers around were each assigned an element from the table, and the results have amazing chemistry.
  • Peter Bright: Peter, triple threat that he is, has expertise in printmaking, music, and other art forms. Take a shine to his stunning and vibrant blog page here.
  • Pressing Issues: Come to this blog when you want not only great printmaking, but equally satisfying analysis of the art scene. You can also learn how this artist goes about creating.
  • Print Workshop Central: Come to this blog when you’re in the mood to engage in some printmaking yourself. Experts the world over lend a helpful hand, and maybe a workshop near you.
  • print your heart out: These London-based printmakers are doing work that deserves a worldwide audience. There’s nothing hackneyed about these Hackney-located creations.
  • Printed Material: This blog follows Lesley’s efforts to inundate her surroundings with the best of the printmaking world. She’ll occasionally provide a sweet video in her postings.
  • Printmaking Blog: Delve deeper into the fine points of the printmaking process on this site. The writing affords insight into the nitty-gritty of print formation.
  • Prints for Peace – Mexico: Printmakers around the globe supply their highest-quality creations for this art relief blog. Every year, the best artists are invited to share their work.
  • Rosana Paulino: This Sao Paolo printmaker may post in Portuguese, but her prints read as “amazing” in every language. Readers will revel to look at her detailed, step-by-step approaches.
  • Scribbles and Snippets: Come to this blog to learn more on the special creative process of this gifted printer. You can track her outings to various prestigious exhibitions as well.
  • Sean Neprud: Experience Sean’s equally profound results in printmaking, woodcutting, and other fine arts here. People who can’t pick a favorite art form will enjoy this.
  • Spider Ink Studio: This printmaker exudes first-class style and presentation. Fellow artists can learn quite a bit from the light touch shown here.
  • Spudnik: Learn on this blog how a printmaking company goes about generating business and great work alike. You’ll appreciate the insightful videos that appear here often.
  • Swinkie at Home: This artist has engaged in an interesting and promising experience known as the Hankie Project. She’ll be making prints only using facial tissue.
  • The Itinerant Artist: This artist may not be able to rest easy in any one place, but her artwork always makes for a stunning swan song. Catch her wherever she is in the world here.
  • UNT Printmaking: One of the foremost printmaking education programs in the country puts on this first-rate artsy page. See how the heralded artists of tomorrow are getting their start.
  • VIZart: The work that you’ll see here is so winnowed down to feel almost elemental. But that simplification brings a lot of power to the prints on offer.
  • Wishbone Press: This printer specializes in a variety of printmaking techniques. Look here to see her execution of etching, woodblock, lino cut, and various other styles.
  • Woodblock: Understand more of the specific nuances that go into woodblock printmaking here. Japanese techniques and styles receive special mention.
  • Woodblock Dreams: Blogger Annie has chosen to work with traditional Japanese wood blocks in her printmaking. Peer into her very specific and satisfying artistic exercise here.
  • Woodblock Roundtable: Blogger David concentrates on the wood block style of printmaking here. The challenges and benefits alike of wood block work are exposed in every post.
  • World Printmakers: Students and aficionados will really enjoy reading the in-depth interviews that populate this page. Great printmakers regularly lend their careers’ stories here.

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Luke Hickman

Luke Hickman is a printmaker and artist with over 15 years of experience. He studied at Norwich University, graduating with a BA (Hons) Fine Art, and has worked in both the commercial printing and digital marketing industries for over 7 years. Luke's work revolves around the idea of creating art that can illustrate a story with topics covering war, politics and history.

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