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Art is the essence of human expression, and the tools an artist uses can make all the difference in the world. One name that has resonated with artists across the UK and beyond is Jackson’s Art Supplies. Let’s delve deeply into what this name represents, its history, and why it’s a go-to choice for countless artists.

1. What is Jackson’s Art Supplies?

Jackson’s Art Supplies Defined:

Jackson’s Art Supplies is a retailer, both online and brick-and-mortar, that specialises in providing artists with high-quality tools of the trade. From the novice to the seasoned professional, artists of all levels can find what they need here. But what does “high-quality” really mean?

  • Materials: The materials used in the products sold by Jackson’s Art Supplies are sourced keeping the artist’s needs in mind. This means vibrant pigments, durable brush bristles, and canvases that hold paint well.
  • Variety: From acrylics to watercolours, from sketch pads to sculpture tools, Jackson’s offers a range of products catering to every artistic whim.
  • Customer Service: Part of the Jackson’s experience is their knowledgeable staff ready to assist, guide, and answer any queries an artist might have.

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2. The History of Jackson’s Art Supplies:

Tracing the Roots:

Jackson’s Art Supplies didn’t just appear overnight. It has a rich history embedded in the heart of the UK art community.

  • Origins: The company was founded with the ethos of supporting artists by supplying quality materials at competitive prices.
  • Growth: Over the years, Jackson’s Art Supplies expanded its reach, moving from a small local shop to a renowned national and international retailer. Their online presence further solidified their position in the global market.
  • Commitment: The company’s commitment to fostering the arts has remained unchanged. They’ve continued to support and work closely with local artists and art communities throughout their journey.

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3. Why Choose Jackson’s?

Setting the Gold Standard:

There are many art supply stores, so why do many artists gravitate towards Jackson’s?

  • Reputation: Decades of delivering consistent quality have built a strong reputation for Jackson’s in the art community.
  • Affordability: Despite their commitment to quality, Jackson’s manages to offer competitive prices, ensuring that even budding artists can access top-notch supplies.
  • Educational Resources: Jackson’s not only sells art supplies but also educates. They often host workshops, tutorials, and provide resources for artists to hone their craft.

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4. A Snapshot of Their Offerings:

Dive into Their Product Range:

  • Paints: Whether you’re an oil painter, a watercolour enthusiast, or an acrylics aficionado, Jackson’s has a curated selection for you.
  • Brushes: From sable to hog hair, from flats to rounds, they stock brushes that cater to every technique and medium.
  • Canvases and Papers: Be it a stretched canvas ready for a masterpiece or specialised paper for ink drawing, Jackson’s has it all.
  • Sculpture and Crafting: Beyond traditional painting, Jackson’s also supplies materials for sculptors and crafters.
  • Printmaking Supplies: Delving deep into the realm of printmaking, Jackson’s stocks everything from inks, plates, and rollers to printing presses and papers. Their extensive collection ensures that printmakers, whether beginners or experts, can find precisely what they need for their next project.

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When an artist picks up a brush, a chisel, or a printmaking tool, they’re not just working with tools; they’re partnering with them to bring their vision to life. Jackson’s Art Supplies understands this profound relationship and has dedicated itself to ensuring that every artist finds their perfect partner in creation. Whether you’re just starting your artistic journey or are a seasoned professional, Jackson’s is a name that stands for quality, commitment, and the undying spirit of art.

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Luke Hickman is a printmaker and artist with over 15 years of experience. He studied at Norwich University, graduating with a BA (Hons) Fine Art, and has worked in both the commercial printing and digital marketing industries for over 7 years. Luke's work revolves around the idea of creating art that can illustrate a story with topics covering war, politics and history.

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