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One of the most challenging things about being a creative person is trying to get your artwork out there into the greater mass for as many people to engage with and see as possible. There are many different ways that you can do art, ranging from metalwork to canvas painting.

This article, however, focuses much more on those who wish to turn their piece of art into something that they can print, which is easier to understand if you navigate to this website to find out more. The best way to approach this is to be rigid in your art but flexible in the process. What this means is that you need to ensure that your artwork speaks volumes about you as a creative but you need to be open to the many different possibilities in which your art could be consumed in terms of print.

Tote Bags

Tote bags are one of the most popular bags to date, with people using them for grocery shopping hauls, all the way to personal handbags. The great thing about tote bags is that they are unisex, meaning that you are not excluding anyone when it comes to creating a tote bag with your print on it. Tote bags are usually also made out of recyclable material, creating a more sustainable ecosystem around the product that you have. They are extremely versatile and are a current trend.

A good first move, to test the success of your artwork, is to get it printed on a few tote bags to start. This will not be extremely cost-intensive, will give you a better idea of how your art will interact with a physical object like a bag and it will also be something you can share with your online followers to get a reaction from them.

Apparel: Hoodies, T-Shirts and Even Caps

There are so many people out there looking for the next unique piece of clothing. What is more unique than wearing a T-shirt or a hoodie that features a handmade piece of art, where only 20 or so pieces were created? There is almost nothing as unique as that, which is why this could also be a great way to get your artwork out there and onto apparel.

Many people love to wear tees or hoodies with some form of graphics on them. All you need to do is ensure that the quality of the hoodie or top is good and then make sure that you offer a solid range of colors and sizes of that piece of clothing. One of the easiest ways to get your art onto a piece of clothing is through a heat press. This is essentially when you put the press paper down onto the clothing and then use an iron for the heat which will transfer the design from the paper to the clothing. Nifty and quick.

Postcards or Letters

Another smart way to get your artwork out there in print is through postcards and letters. This is especially useful if you are interested in fine art, as the details will come out much better on a piece of paper versus a hoodie. There are many different types of printing styles that you can choose from and also many paper materials. You can either finish off the design with a soft, sheen or matt finish and incorporate as many colors as you want to. It might sound slightly less exciting than having your merchandise with a hoodie but many people still enjoy writing handwritten letters and are looking for a unique design to use.

The best way to go about ensuring that you create something you like is by first printing off some samples. This will give you a good idea of how your artwork translates and appears on something static like a piece of paper. You can test as many designs as you want and then once you feel that you have found the best design, get that printed a few times, hand it out to friends and see what they think before printing out a few hundred for sale.

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