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It is amazing how even a small amount of natural scenery can improve the atmosphere in a casino. The biophilic design does exactly this by introducing those elements into the bright and shiny casino architecture.

And guess what? That is what Las Vegas resorts have successfully experimented with. They’re replacing their old look with rooftop gardens and a wealth of greenery to bring a fresh and revitalizing ambience to their customers. It’s not merely about decoration though; it’s about green architecture as well, which is a win-win kind of situation for all the participants.

Here we’ll discuss all the reasons why this is a step in the right direction. These design choices are more than simple eye candy. They impact branding strategy and to an extent revenue of the establishment.

Benefits of Integrating Biophilic Design in Casinos

The biophilic design philosophy is found even in the field of online gaming. Sites reviewed by Gamblizard are viewed as some of the best UK casinos, for a reason. Scottish and Irish gamblers love Celtic themes that are filled with greenery and inspired by nature. They love to play online slots that feature leprechauns and claim the best online casino offers that help them boost their odds. These include free spins that have no playthrough requirements, which allows players to gamble dependable. It only goes to show that new casinos UK, really know their audience.

Wager-free spins make the game more relaxing. Players don’t get frustrated after losing because these were free, and any win even a small one, feels satisfying. Just like wager-free spins biophilic design can have multiple effects on a player’s psyche, and even on casino staff.

Now, let’s discuss its various effects on gaming establishments.

  • Boosted Productivity and Happier Vibes: Surprisingly, the productivity increase in employees amounted up to 8% by only adding plants and other natural elements! It makes the space less stressful, even in casinos where things can get heated.
  • Zen Vibes and Less Noise: Imagine you go to a casino and hear the soothing sound of a waterfall instead of all the usual noise. Natural accents such as greeneries and outdoor elements can do wonders as far as cooling the vibe is concerned. This as a result makes the zone a lot more enjoyable not only for workers but players as well.
  • Looks Cool and Saves the Planet: Casinos are commonly full of glittering lights and hard surfaces, right? However, biophilic design turns them into highly aesthetic green spaces with rooftop gardens and much more.

Key Features of Biophilic Casinos

Now let’s discuss biophilic casinos and what makes them so special. Picture this: rich green walls that welcome you from the moment you step in. Best resorts in Canada like Casino du Lac-Leamy, are a great example of this. It provides a serene and outdoorsy setting for the guests. Canada is also known for its developed iGaming market. Experienced players turn to the website to explore a wide range of options. Here, players can have an open and transparent game session by perusing the various games as well as viewing their RTP rates.

However, that’s not all! These biophilic oases are more than just green walls. They also heavily leverage natural lighting. In a way, this helps elevate that feeling that you are playing outdoors rather than in an enclosed space. Here are some other design features that make these establishments both eco-friendly and stunning:

  • Indoor plants decoration
  • Use of natural materials (e.g. wood)
  • Interiors embellished by landscape paintings
  • Vertical green walls with built-in irrigation systems
  • Spacious roof gardens

The reason why these features are so important is because they defy the urban setting. After all, gambling resorts are a form of escapism, and they want to attract tourists. So, biophilic design helps the guests truly feel like they are on a vacation, away from hustle and bustle.

Challenges and Considerations


Adding biophilic design to urban casinos has unique challenges that stem from space limitations. It is hard to mix natural elements with the urban environment, in a tasteful manner. Still, options like vertical gardens and green roofs are somewhat easier to implement. They bring nature to the smallest spaces.

Technological Advancements Inspired by Biophilic Design

LED technology opens new possibilities, in lighting systems. These are important as you casinos want to maintain consistency and as stated the biophilic design philosophy relies on natural lighting. They also help with annual energy savings as LED lights consume 50-80% less energy than traditional lighting sources. Finally, they are a solid choice for creating the perfect mood for a fun gaming session.

Future of Casino Design

Looking ahead to what is to come in terms of casino design, the trend now is to incorporate biophilic elements. This is more than just beautifying casinos; it’s about using resources wisely and helping resorts become more sustainable, stable, and natural. Here’s what’s on the horizon:

  • Wooden Casinos: Using renewable materials and introducing energy-saving technologies makes the interior look cosy and welcoming. Have a look at places like the Skagit Valley Casino Resort and Casino du Lac-Leamy – they are the pioneers in sustainable development.
  • Liquid Elements: The flooring is not behind either! Liquid Elements flooring is the newest buzz of the town, primarily because it is both stylish and environmentally friendly.
  • Resilient Architecture: The design also boosts the longevity of the establishment. It helps owners manage humidity, temperature, and water. This greatly mitigates the erosion of building elements, and it even creates a healthier indoor environment.

While looking forward to the future, casinos will become greener, more robust and in perfect harmony with the nature surrounding them.


With the biophilic design both online and offline casino globe are being turned upside down. It is all about making the outdoors come inside and creating environments that are bright and full of life. By combining natural elements and smart design features, casinos become more than venues to play. They became places that can resonate with you on a deeper level.

Luke Hickman is a printmaker and artist with over 15 years of experience. He studied at Norwich University, graduating with a BA (Hons) Fine Art, and has worked in both the commercial printing and digital marketing industries for over 7 years. Luke's work revolves around the idea of creating art that can illustrate a story with topics covering war, politics and history.

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