Vietnam War

The 2 following designs are hand carved lino prints of photography from the Vietnam War. The material that I used was lino backed with skrim. This was quite a tough lino, allowing me to get a higher level of detail. The lino prints were produced using black oil based ink and then printed on 330gsm brown paper under a nipping press.

Using lino printing aided the style of the designs, allowing me to use both positive and negative space to create the final lino prints. The plate is still in good shape and can be used to create more lino prints if need be.

Inspiration For Lino Prints

The first lino print was based off photography from an unknown source, I”l try to update here with a link. The image shows a soldier sharing a cigarette with a local villager. Part of the unseen side of wars, the everyday interactions as life goes by.

The second design shown is a lino print based on photography from the Vietnam war by Henri Huet. The image was chosen due having good composition and aesthetics, all things considered. Combined with the style of lino printing, the final design produced positive results.

Questions About Lino Printing?

Would you like to learn how to lino print? Read about the lino printing process. If you have questions or queries about the shown artwork/design, please feel free to contact me.

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Date Printed

Circa - November 2012

Copies Printed

10 - Remaining 5 Of Each


Lino Printing

Enviroments, Landscape, Still Life, Story Telling, War Art