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Art helps build student’s imagination and creative thinking. Many students do not give art proper attention. They regard it as a subject overtaken by time and technology. Combining it with other subjects can help make teaching and student understanding simpler. When it’s combined, it enhances student reading capabilities.

In the classroom, art can help enhance motivation. Learners could love working with teams. Students live busy lives in college. Apart from attending classes, they need time to study or work. Due to busy lives, many of them could become demotivated. Art can help improve motivation and eagerness to learn.

How art relates to other subjects in college

In college, art enhances the experiences of learning. It is a practical subject that requires students to think beyond books. It provides an environment where students study through doing and reading. They must listen and brainstorm but at other times, they must work as groups. This style of study offers benefits that make learning other subjects easier.

  • Creativity. Art requires learners to create original things that expand their imagination. The other subjects require learners with creative minds. Art can help them build this type of mind.
  • Group work. Educators often assign their class group work. The college students need to gather ideas together and complete the project. Group work can encourage slow learners to hold on and learn.
  • Confidence. When students complete a project, their confidence grows. Many students fail in most subjects due to a lack of confidence. They feel the subject is complex and fail to try. When their confidence builds, they realise it is possible to achieve anything.
  • Self-expression. They learn to express themselves which helps their communication capabilities. Self-expression is important in learning. It trains students to share ideas.

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Why it is necessary to integrate art and education in college

Integration of art in college means to include art components in various subjects. It adds value to the teaching process. Educators move away from traditional teaching which could be viewed by learners as boring. College life takes about four years and the students sit for final tests. After that, they must join the dynamic modern working population.

If they are to make it in such an environment, they need to be dynamic and creative. Art prepares them for a challenging future and trains them to be flexible. It offers students a chance to teach a subject that they might have never gotten a chance to learn. Art is also challenging in terms of requiring students to go beyond the ordinary.

Furthermore, it connects them both to their culture and the culture of other communities. This offers them a platform that prepares them to fit into any culture in the career world. Studies show learners who combine art with other subjects excel in academics. Some concepts are hard to teach and students take time to understand them.

Art can help learners understand such concepts better. It can help educators add visuals to the concepts and help students remember them with ease. The study of art is different from other subjects. Whether learned in books or visuals, it incorporates more elements. It adds colours and numbers beyond letters. At some point in learning, it also adds sounds. When combined, it makes teaching other subjects much easier.

How educators can combine art with other subjects in teaching

Combining art-oriented activities in the classroom stirs student interest in the course they are taking. It offers them chances to explore new areas and boost their research interest. Educators need to determine the best ways to add art to the course.

Use pictures to explain concepts

Some topics are better understood when educators incorporate visuals in teaching. In college, pictures or infographics can serve the purpose. Visual components in the lecture hall may include slideshows and video clips. Infographic-based slideshows can be used to explain scientific concepts. Video-based visuals can help explain history or things such as land formation.

Incorporating technology into teaching

Technology in the classroom can help make teaching easier. IT can include educational games or PowerPoint presentations. It can also incorporate music or VR to help create an environment that immerses learners in deeper learning. The use of music can promote dancing which could help release stress. The use of tech in the classroom needs to be selective.

Use writing to promote creativity

The art of creativity needs to be promoted at every level of the course. A lot of students might not love writing but it benefits them both in college and after. It is one of the tools that help students to become great researchers. It builds their understanding of language and they grow to be great writers. Writing might not seem beneficial in subjects such as maths. However, it stirs student’s critical thinking. They can learn to collaborate when working on projects.

Give an art-oriented assignment

Different subjects might require students to draw illustrations. Educators could request students to draw shapes that illustrate specific concepts. For instance, health science students could draw an illustration to explain how the heart works. The assignments encourage students to be creative and consult with each other

Final thoughts

Many college students do not give art the necessary attention it deserves. Educators can use art in teaching a variety of subjects in the classroom. It encourages creativity and understanding of concepts. Higher education institutions need to devise ways to combine art with other subjects, such as giving tips on writing art essays. They can use it in illustrations or give art-oriented assignments to learners. It can encourage them to increase engagement and stir their self-expression.

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