Final copper plate etching with stippling on the heart and earth, aquatint on the sky and mezzotint on the pump.

Copper plate etching line work with stippling effect on heart.

Basic line work etched into the copper plate.

Compilation of all layers building up to the final print.

Copper Plate Etching, Aquatint & Spit Bite

Shown is an Etching on a copper plate, which utilizes 3 methods. 1 Hand drawn details, 2 Aquatint on shading on the pump and 3 Acid Bathing the plate at different time intervals to create the sky’s gradient. I would like to go back and remake the design.

If you have questions or queries about the shown artwork/design, please feel free to contact me.

Date Printed

Circa – February 2013

Copies Printed

5 Remaining