Essdee Fabric Lino Printing Kit

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Fabric Lino Printing Kit Contents:

  • Essdee Water-Based Fabric Block Printing Ink (100ml): This vibrant ink is specially formulated for fabric, providing excellent coverage and durability. It is water-based, making it easy to clean up after your creative sessions.
  • 3 Sheets of Essdee MasterCut Lino:
    • 1 sheet measuring 150x100mm
    • 2 sheets measuring 100x100mm These high-quality lino sheets are perfect for carving intricate designs.
  • Essdee Lino Cutters (No1 and No4): These precision cutters are designed to make carving smooth and effortless, allowing for detailed and intricate designs.
  • Essdee Lino Handle with Aluminium Ferrule: This sturdy handle provides a comfortable grip and can be used with the included cutters for precise carving.
  • Essdee Fabric Printing Roller (100mm wide): This unique roller is designed to apply ink evenly across your carved block, ensuring consistent prints every time.
  • Ink Tray (240x200mm): A spacious tray to hold your ink, making it easy to load your roller and get printing.
  • Instruction Book: A comprehensive guide that walks you through the process of lino printing on fabric, offering tips and techniques to help you achieve the best results.
  • Printing Blanket: This essential accessory provides a smooth surface for printing, helping to ensure even pressure and clean prints.

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H GreggH Gregg
12:11 08 Apr 24
Excellent service - prompt dispatch and delivery. Goods arrived well packed in eco-friendly packaging. Rapid response to contact, highly recommended.
Mark JacobsMark Jacobs
10:46 22 Nov 23
great products with good pricing and excellent customer service
Joseph BellJoseph Bell
11:21 16 Sep 23
I've been wanting to have a go at screen printing for a while and this little starter kit was perfect. Good price and quick delivery - thank you.
Kathrina WainstokKathrina Wainstok
07:33 14 Sep 23
Bought some lino printing bits from here. Perfectly packaged, arrived undamaged, prompt and actually helped with some advice on some new techniques. The more specialist tools really made a difference to my work.
Jordan LewisJordan Lewis
14:01 13 Sep 23
Loved my lino printing kit, good quality quick delivery
Steve BaileySteve Bailey
14:01 13 Sep 23
Amazing lino printing ink ! Great customer service !
Martin PageMartin Page
19:46 10 Jul 23
A great selection of products, quick delivery and high quality. Ordered some lino cutting blades and a set of watercolour paints. Will definitely be ordering again.
22:09 20 Jul 18
Awesome work, highly recommend!


Essdee Fabric Lino Printing Kit

Unleash your creativity with the Essdee Fabric Lino Printing Kit, a comprehensive set that provides everything you need to craft and print your own unique designs onto fabric. Perfect for beginners and seasoned artists alike, this kit is designed to make fabric printing an enjoyable and rewarding experience.

Key Features

  • Complete Toolset: The kit includes all essential lino cutting tools and materials, ensuring you have everything you need to get started right away.
  • High-Quality Materials: Each component, from the MasterCut carving blocks to the fabric printing ink and roller, has been carefully selected or specially designed to enhance your block printing experience.
  • User-Friendly Design: Whether you are a novice or an expert, the tools are easy to use, allowing you to focus on your creativity without worrying about the technicalities.
  • Complete Kit: Includes all essential tools and materials for fabric lino printing, perfect for beginners and experienced artists.
  • High-Quality Ink: Comes with 100ml of water-based fabric block printing ink for vibrant and durable prints.
  • Precision Tools: Features MasterCut lino sheets and precise lino cutters for detailed and intricate designs.
  • User-Friendly: Includes a comprehensive instruction book to guide you through the printing process.
  • Versatile and Creative: Ideal for creating personalised textiles, unique clothing, and custom home décor.

Why Choose the Essdee Fabric Lino Printing Kit?

The Essdee Fabric Lino Printing Kit is not just a set of tools, but an invitation to explore the art of block printing. It combines high-quality materials with thoughtful design to make your creative journey as enjoyable and successful as possible. Whether you are creating personalised textiles, unique clothing, or custom home décor, this kit is your perfect companion.

Start your fabric printing adventure today with the Essdee Fabric Lino Printing Kit and transform your creative ideas into beautiful printed designs.

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