Skull Scissors Gold

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  1. Superior Quality: Crafted from high-grade stainless steel.
  2. Unique Design: Distinctive gold skull motif.
  3. Brass Finish: Stylish and durable brass finishing.
  4. Ideal Size & Weight: Comfortable use with measurements of 55mm (W) x 121mm (H) x 7mm (D), 64g.
  5. Versatile: Perfect for various tasks, from crafting to haircuts.
  6. Designer Creation: By renowned designer Seb Sabene.
  7. Great Gift: Unique and functional gift choice for enthusiasts.

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H GreggH Gregg
12:11 08 Apr 24
Excellent service - prompt dispatch and delivery. Goods arrived well packed in eco-friendly packaging. Rapid response to contact, highly recommended.
Mark JacobsMark Jacobs
10:46 22 Nov 23
great products with good pricing and excellent customer service
Joseph BellJoseph Bell
11:21 16 Sep 23
I've been wanting to have a go at screen printing for a while and this little starter kit was perfect. Good price and quick delivery - thank you.
Kathrina WainstokKathrina Wainstok
07:33 14 Sep 23
Bought some lino printing bits from here. Perfectly packaged, arrived undamaged, prompt and actually helped with some advice on some new techniques. The more specialist tools really made a difference to my work.
Jordan LewisJordan Lewis
14:01 13 Sep 23
Loved my lino printing kit, good quality quick delivery
Steve BaileySteve Bailey
14:01 13 Sep 23
Amazing lino printing ink ! Great customer service !
Martin PageMartin Page
19:46 10 Jul 23
A great selection of products, quick delivery and high quality. Ordered some lino cutting blades and a set of watercolour paints. Will definitely be ordering again.
22:09 20 Jul 18
Awesome work, highly recommend!
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SUCK UK Gold Skull Scissors: Unleash Your Edgy Aesthetic

Unearth the Sheer Brilliance of SUCK UK Scissors

SUCK UK presents the Gold Skull Scissors, a nifty embodiment of the eerie and the exquisite. This design, a masterstroke from the creative mind of Seb Sabene, effectively blends practicality with personality, delivering a tool that not only functions with uncompromising efficacy but also adds a vibrant touch of unique character to your collection.

Exceptional Quality Meets Outstanding Design

The SUCK UK Gold Skull Scissors measure 55mm in width, 121mm in height, and a slender 7mm in depth, boasting a streamlined form factor that complements their practical functionality. They have a weight of 64 grams, which ensures a comfortable heft in your hand, enhancing precision and control in use.

Constructed from shockingly sharp, superior quality stainless steel, these scissors guarantee unwavering performance. Their sturdy construction and heavy-duty nature make them a reliable tool for a myriad of general uses. From trimming threads to cutting paper, these scissors are more than capable of handling it all.

Haunting Aesthetics

These scissors are not your everyday, run-of-the-mill stationery item. Designed by Seb Sabene for SUCK UK, the scissors feature a chilling skull design that adorns their brass-finished handle, evoking an edgy, daring aesthetic. They stand out from the crowd, making a bold statement that unabashedly celebrates the eclectic and the eccentric.

Versatile and Viable

The SUCK UK Gold Skull Scissors are as versatile as they are visually appealing. Whether you’re delivering hair-raising haircuts, crafting creepy paper projects, or performing any other general task that requires a pair of good scissors, these shears are your go-to tool. Their sharp, stainless-steel blades provide the precision and cutting power you need, ensuring optimal results every time.

A Gift with a Twist

In search of a unique gift for a craft enthusiast, a hair stylist, or anyone who appreciates a blend of practicality and punk-inspired aesthetics? The SUCK UK Gold Skull Scissors are the perfect choice. They’re more than just a tool—they’re a statement piece that anyone with a taste for the unusual will surely cherish.

SUCK UK Gold Skull Scissors: The Highlights

  • Quality Construction: Crafted with top-notch stainless steel for consistent, sharp cutting.
  • Distinctive Design: An engaging gold skull design for a stand-out aesthetic.
  • Brass Finish: Classy brass finish adding an extra layer of style and durability.
  • Comfortable Size and Weight: Measuring 55mm (W) x 121mm (H) x 7mm (D) and weighing 64g, ensuring comfortable and precise use.
  • Versatile Application: Perfect for general use, from hair cutting to crafting.
  • Designed by Seb Sabene: A product brought to life by the creative genius of Seb Sabene, renowned for his edgy and innovative ideas.

Add a little daring to your daily tasks with the SUCK UK Gold Skull Scissors. Practical, edgy, and brimming with personality, they’re the must-have tool for any enthusiast.

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