Lino Printing Ink 300ml Tube


  • Diverse Colours: Includes fluorescent, classic, metallic, and pearlescent hues.
  • Smooth Performance: Designed for easy flow and excellent coverage.
  • Convenient Packaging: 300ml tubes with precision flow control caps.
  • Eco-Friendly: Non-permanent and water-soluble for easy cleanup.
  • Versatile Applications: Suitable for various block printing projects on all paper grades.


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H GreggH Gregg
12:11 08 Apr 24
Excellent service - prompt dispatch and delivery. Goods arrived well packed in eco-friendly packaging. Rapid response to contact, highly recommended.
Mark JacobsMark Jacobs
10:46 22 Nov 23
great products with good pricing and excellent customer service
Joseph BellJoseph Bell
11:21 16 Sep 23
I've been wanting to have a go at screen printing for a while and this little starter kit was perfect. Good price and quick delivery - thank you.
Kathrina WainstokKathrina Wainstok
07:33 14 Sep 23
Bought some lino printing bits from here. Perfectly packaged, arrived undamaged, prompt and actually helped with some advice on some new techniques. The more specialist tools really made a difference to my work.
Jordan LewisJordan Lewis
14:01 13 Sep 23
Loved my lino printing kit, good quality quick delivery
Steve BaileySteve Bailey
14:01 13 Sep 23
Amazing lino printing ink ! Great customer service !
Martin PageMartin Page
19:46 10 Jul 23
A great selection of products, quick delivery and high quality. Ordered some lino cutting blades and a set of watercolour paints. Will definitely be ordering again.
22:09 20 Jul 18
Awesome work, highly recommend!


Unleash your creativity with the vibrant and diverse range of Essdee 300ml Inks, specially formulated for exquisite block printing experiences. Whether you are a seasoned artist or a curious beginner, these water-based inks are designed to elevate your printing projects.

Range of Colours:

  • Fluorescent Series: Ignite your artwork with our eye-catching fluorescent inks available in Red, Pink, Green, Blue, Yellow, and Orange. These radiant hues are perfect for adding a pop of colour that stands out brilliantly under UV light.
  • Classic Shades: Dive into a spectrum of classic colours including Sky Blue, Brilliant Red (Scarlet), Crimson, Brilliant Blue (Ultramarine), and many more. From the deep, rich tones of Prussian Blue and Vermillion to the earthy warmth of Burnt Sienna and Yellow Ochre, each shade provides a perfect palette.
  • Exotic and Metallic Tones: Explore exotic shades like Turquoise and Viridian, and dazzle with our Metallic Bronze, Silver, and Gold, adding a luxurious sheen to your prints.
  • Pearlescent Tints: Add a lustrous glow with Pearlescent Red, Pink, Green, Blue, Yellow, and Violet, each offering a subtle iridescence that catches the light beautifully.

Superior Formulation: Essdee Inks are crafted with a unique, water-based formula that ensures smooth flow and superb coverage. The inks are designed to provide maximum working time without compromising on transfer properties, making them ideal for various block printing techniques.

Versatility and Ease of Use: Our inks work flawlessly on all grades of paper, producing a smooth, even finish that showcases every detail of your design. The convenient 300ml tubes come equipped with a flow control cap, allowing for precise application and minimising wastage.

Non-Permanent and Eco-Friendly: These inks are non-permanent, making them perfect for educational settings and artists who appreciate flexibility in their work. The eco-friendly formula is easy to clean up with water, ensuring a hassle-free creative process.

Ideal for Various Projects: Whether you are creating limited edition prints, artistic prints, greeting cards, or custom textiles, Essdee 300ml Inks provide consistent results that artists and professionals will love. Their versatility also makes them an excellent choice for workshops and classrooms, encouraging creativity across all ages and skill levels.

Elevate your printmaking with Essdee 300ml Inks, where quality meets creativity in every tube!

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Fluorescent Red, Fluorescent Pink, Fluorescent Green, Fluorescent Blue, Fluorescent Yellow, Fluorescent Orange, Sky Blue, Brilliant Red (Scarlet), Crimson, Brilliant Blue (Ultramarine), Brilliant Yellow (Ost), Brilliant Green (Emeral), Purple (Ost), Orange, Turquoise, Burnt Sienna, Black, White, Yellow Ochre, Prussian Blue, Vermillion, Viridian, Lemon, Leaf Green, Metallic Bronze, Metallic Silver, Metallic Gold, Pearlescent Red, Pearlescent Pink, Pearlescent Green, Pearlescent Blue, Pearlescent Yellow, Pearlescent Violet